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" Township With A Heart "

A Description and Overview of the Organization

TOWNSHIP WITH A HEART is not a governmental entity and is not  funded, operated, controlled, staffed or connected with the Township of Old Bridge municipal entity.

TOWNSHIP WITH A HEART is a private nonprofit organization formed in 1983 by the late George Bush. The purpose of this organization is to assist residents of Old Bridge who through no fault of their own are in crisis and have fallen through the cracks in our system. These people are often invisible in our society because they are the working poor, the recently unemployed, those dealing with catastrophic illness, those on fixed incomes, and grandparents raising grandchildren, to name just a few.

Since its inception, the main source of income for T.W.A.H. is an annual dinner-dance. For the past few years, Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh has assisted by donating the use of their hall and providing us with free beer wine and soda. Journal ads are solicited from area businessmen. This is the main source of revenue each year. Other funds sometimes come from families who choose T.W.A.H. as their "In memory of" recipient, school fund raisers, and marriage donations through the Old Bridge Mayor's office. Our operating budget averages $10,000 to $12,000 per year with all of the money, except what is required to prepare for the fund-raiser, going to clients.

Board members are all volunteers who give of their own personal time and expense to:
a) man the beeper
b) meet with clients
c) make phone calls and network with other organizations
d) prepare for and make arrangements for the dinner-dance

Several members have been with the organization since its inception and new members are screened to ensure that they are discreet, caring and want to give back to their community and neighbors.

When T.W.A.H. volunteers meet with clients, an in depth review is done of each family's circumstances. Since for so many clients it is the first time they have to ask for assistance, they are not aware of the various programs and agencies available to them. In addition to providing immediate help we try to match them with the agencies that can meet their particular needs. Some of the clients have greater financial needs then our resources can provide for. To help them we network with other nonprofit groups and government agencies. As a result of the dedication and desire of T.W.A.H. volunteers to help the community we continue to research and expense out referral list.

The following are some examples of assistance that has been provided to many residents of Old Bridge:

* Food store certificates for fresh items to supplement food bank donations
* Phone when medically necessary
* Prescriptions for those who lack insurance or those that cannot afford the medication
* Medical supplies
* Bus fare for clients to leave an abusive home
* Bus fare for runaway to return home
* Donation of firewood for family that had no heat
* Travel expenses to enable a family to get to relatives in another state
* Funds toward funeral expenses
* Dental bills
* Utility bills
* Donations to 9/11 families

T.W.A.H. works closely with the Old Bridge Food Bank, churches and businesses to ensure that families in need have holiday food baskets.

Our assistance to the residents of Old Bridge is possible only through your generosity and support. Although donations are the most versatile and immediate kind of support, there are many other ways you can assist us help families of Old Bridge who are in need. Please contact us if you can volunteer, donate, or even assist us in making valuable connections.

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